Experien Health Sciences is a multinational consultancy that specializes in regulatory toxicology, occupational health and product stewardship for clients throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada. We comprise a collaborative group of independent US- and EU-based regulatory consultants who, despite being successful on their own, realized that clients would benefit from the even broader range of services that would result from our working together. It was recognized, however, that it was critical to maintain the personalized service that clients seem to appreciate. To accomplish this, we developed a profit-sharing plan where members of our staff gain financially when clients are satisfied. Keeping an existing client happy is much easier than finding a new one.

Relative to larger consultancies, we are equally equipped to support the markets we have chosen to serve. Larger firms may be able to serve a broader range of markets and larger numbers of clients, but this rarely translates to better service for the individual client. Our competition is strong, but so are we.


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