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Canadian New Substance Notifications (NSNs)

Experien Health Sciences is well versed and experienced in preparing new substance notifications (NSNs) for submission to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and we have partnered with one of the industry’s most respected experts located in Ottawa, Canada just a short drive from the ECCC offices. This enables foreign (non-Canadian) producers to submit directly to ECCC by appointing a Canadian Agent without having to involve your Canadian customers in the NSN process. Unlike the US, Canada requires a “base-set” of data to include with your NSN that is dependent upon the type of substance, the volumes to be manufactured or imported, and the potential for exposure / release. In some cases, however, specific testing requirements can be waived or fulfilled by means of QSAR, weight-of-evidence arguments, and/or data from an analog substance. While much of ECCC’s expectations are clearly spelled out in the regulations, circumstances may still arise where it is advisable to engage ECCC prior to notification via a Pre-Notification Conference (PNC). This helps to confirm that your submission strategy is acceptable and can help to expedite getting your substance to market quicker. As your strategic partner, we’re here to help with the following:

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