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Key Staff

Robert Kuester, Ph.D.

Robert Kuester, Senior Toxicologist, has more than 20 years of expertise in designing and conducting Toxicity and ADME studies. After earning both his Master of Science and Doctoral degree under the guidance of Dr. Glenn Sipes at The University Arizona, he managed the day-to-day laboratory operations under contract to investigate chemical disposition in mammals. He has authored and coauthored numerous peer reviewed publications in toxicology and drug metabolism and wrote and/or co-wrote numerous technical reports for submission to federal agencies and the private sector. Prior to his graduate training he worked for United States Food and Drug Administration where he developed In vitro and In vivo systems to investigate the toxicity of biomaterials. Robert applies his expertise in support of a broad range of projects including new substance notification / registration, risk assessment, product safety assessments (industrial and cosmetic products), exposure limit development (OELs and DNELs), experimental design, drug metabolism, and SDS authoring.