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Key Staff

John D. Mikan, CIH (1991-2023), CPPS

John Mikan, president of Experien Health Sciences, Inc., maintained board certification in industrial hygiene from 1991 - 2023 and, in 2020, was the first person ever to earn certification as a professional product steward (CPPS) from the Board of Global EHS Credentialing. He as more than 35 years of experience in occupational and environmental health, exposure assessment, and product stewardship. Since starting Experien in 2001, he has been directly involved in managing and providing technical support for a broad range of industrial hygiene and product stewardship activities including new substance notifications in the U.S. and Canada and completing registration dossiers for several hundred chemical substances within the scope Europe’s REACH regulation. In the lead-up to the 2010 REACH registration deadline, John was instrumental in the preparation of lead registrant dossiers for a number of high-profile substances on behalf of some of the largest chemical companies in the world. In addition, John has been directly involved in the preparation of regulatory compliance and product risk assessments on behalf of global chemical manufacturers who are interested in ensuring that any risks associated with their product portfolios are identified, reduced where possible, and properly managed. This work has included serving as an independent third party for the review of highly proprietary formulations within complex supply chains or licensing agreements. In late 2012, he began working with a newly formed Product Stewardship Advisory Group within the American Industrial Hygiene Association to create what is now known as the Product Stewardship Society. In that capacity, he was instrumental in the development of the organization’s Core Competencies document which defines the Product Stewardship profession as well as providing input to various other initiatives to get this new organization up and running. Prior to starting Experien Health Sciences, John held key leadership positions within several multinational oil and chemical companies and served as a member-company representative at the American Chemistry Council, The Society of the Plastics Industry, The International Isocyanates Institute, and the NMP Producers Group. During the span of his career, John has consulted on hundreds of projects for industrial clients and government agencies, including the U.S. EPA, DOE, DOD, and Army Corps of Engineers. His technical knowledge and real-world experience are valuable assets for understanding, managing, and communicating risk.