Registering active ingredients and formulated (end-use) products that claim to kill, prevent, destroy, repel, or otherwise mitigate pests or microorganisms can be a very complicated, costly, and lengthy process, even under the best circumstances. In the U.S., even a common bleach solution to “sanitize” hard surfaces requires EPA approval, and you don’t get a free pass just because your product is the same as someone else’s registered product. Likewise, even the inert ingredients that serve as emulsifiers, solvents, carriers, fragrances, or dyes in end-use products typically require review and approval by EPA’s Inert Ingredient Assessment Branch, even if the ingredient is the same or substantially similar to another supplier’s. In addition, if the inert ingredient will contact the food supply, a petition to establish a residue tolerance limit or for an exemption must be filed. Navigating the complex set of regulations and approval processes should not be undertaken lightly or without the help of someone with experience.

Experien Health Sciences offers the following Pesticide, Biocide, & Antimicrobial Registration services:

  • Help clients understand the cost and timing of their registration and help to identify potential cost-saving measures such as bridging arguments, data waivers, and citing relevant data submitted for other registrants.
  • Help clients understand the data requirements for their registration and help to secure qualified laboratories to complete the testing.
  • Develop and maintain your product labels in accordance with EPA’s Label Review Manual.
  • Prepare registration packages for conventional pesticide registrations, antimicrobial (biocide) registrations, and inert ingredient petitions for food and non-food use via EPA’s Pesticide Submission Portal (PSP) using EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX) network.
  • Serve as the technical contact for all communications with EPA up to and including approval of the registration and coordination of annual maintenance fees to EPA.
  • Serve as the U.S. Agent for manufacturers outside the U.S. to maintain the registration, including the coordination of annual maintenance fees to EPA.
  • Complete any necessary state registrations.


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