Experien Health Sciences has the expertise to help chemical manufacturers, cosmetics companies, pesticide formulators, and industry trade groups strategically assess exposures and quantify exposure and release factors for chemicals used by industrial and professional workers or by the general public. Some of the specific ways we can help include:

  • Using computer models, including those prescribed under various regulatory frameworks, to predict exposures
  • Quantifying exposure factors (e.g. product use rates, skin contact area, skin absorption rates, breathing zone concentrations, room dispersion concentrations, room decay concentrations, etc.)
  • Quantifying environmental release factors (e.g. amount released to wastewater, amount in wastewater effluent / sludge / air, amount released to soil, amount released to air, etc.)
  • Using descriptive statistics to ensure the data is reliable and can be applied more broadly
  • Publishing the assessments / data in peer-reviewed journals so that others can benefit from the information
  • Types of products: cleaning products, polishes, waxes, adhesives / sealants, air care / air freshener products, artist / hobby products, automotive care products, biocidal products, coatings, paints, thinners, paint removers, fillers, putties, plasters, clays, finger paints, lubricants / greases, metalworking fluids, laundry products, etc.

As regulatory authorities shift their attention away from the “hazard” side to the “exposure” side of the risk equation, having reliable data as input to your risk assessments is becoming increasingly important.


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