Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are integral to the success of chemical manufacturers, suppliers, formulators, and distributors no matter their size, and are often expected even when not required by regulation such as for consumer products in the U.S. With the adoption of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals by many countries around the world, the work of SDS authoring would seemingly have gotten easier but nothing could be further from the truth. While GHS provides a framework for SDS authoring, each country chooses which elements to adopt and decides whether to modify certain elements, and most countries require that the SDS be prepared in the local language. To keep up with these ever-changing requirements, companies with a large product portfolio and global supply chains rely on a team of SDS authors and regulatory experts, and expensive IT systems. Fortunately, for companies that don’t fit that model, there are other options. For some, licensing SDS Authoring Software can be a good option but there are many software packages and price-points to choose from and it’s easy to make a mistake. In addition, good SDS authors are hard to come by so they can be difficult to recruit and retain. For smaller companies, outsourcing all or part of your SDS authoring is often the most advantageous approach.

Experien Health Sciences offers the following Safety Data Sheet authoring services:

  • Helping companies choose the best SDS authoring model to fit their business.
  • Authoring SDS for your products, in our system, whether it’s for 1 product or 100 products.

– Compliance with all major regulations worldwide.

– Standard and custom formats available.

– Documents translated into more than 40 languages.

– Highly qualified and experienced staff.

– Quick turnaround time and very competitive pricing.

  • Co-authoring in your SAP S/4HANA® Product Compliance (SAP® EHS) system.
  • Temporary Staffing for SAP S/4HANA® Product Compliance (SAP® EHS) implementation and acquired company integrations.
  • Toxicology support to populate or clean-up component-level and product-level data fields in SAP S/4HANA® Product Compliance (SAP® EHS).


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